Community Groups

Connect with us through these groups that offer opportunities for Bible Study and building relationships with others. it is a great way to connect with others and grow in your faith. The following are the times when our community groups meet for Bible Study and fellowship.


8:45 am. Church Office - Leader: Rev. Dr. Lois Wolfe

8:45 am.  Home of Dan & Jill Hodges - Leader: Dr. Oscar Chang

9:00 am. & 10:30 am  Children's Bible Study

The Worship Center - Leader: Angie Miller


6:00 pm.  Slice of Scripture- 1st & 3rd Mondays - Church Office

Leader: Larry Hagerty


5:00 pm. the Bible Uncorked - Home of Dan & Jill Hodges

Leader: Dr. Don Pratt


11:00 am.  Ladies Bible Study - St. Margaret's Episcopal Church

Leader: Gay Dimmock (Nov - Apr). Donna Keefer (May - Oct)

Life Groups

Life Groups meet for a variety of reasons. Some include Bible Study, while others are focused on. physical fitness, reading, or service. All include having a great time and forming lasting friendships. 


3:00 pm. 3rd Tuesday of each month. Garden of Readin' Book Club.

Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters - Leader: Pat Clack


8:00 am. 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month. Men's Breakfast Group.

B & W Rexall Restaurant - Leader: Ken Clack

6:15 pm. Spiritual Fitness Group. Home of Jan Cooper - Leader: Jan Cooper


10:00 am. 3rd Thursday of each month. New Golden Circle (50+ Adults).

Worship Center - Leader: Dr. Oscar Chang


President: Priscilla Prinder

EXECUTIVE MEETING: 1st Thursday - 10:00am. Church Office

UNIT MEETING:  4th Thursday - 10:00 am. 

KOINONIA CIRCLE: 2nd Monday - 10:30 am. Church Office

SUZANNA WESLEY: 2nd Wednesday - 12:30 pm. Home of Carole Fletcher

SUNSHINE CIRCLE:  2nd Friday - 10;00 am.